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The overarching goal of the Penn Artificial Intelligence and Technology (PennAITech) Collaboratory for Healthy Aging is to identify, develop, evaluate, commercialize, and disseminate innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI) methods and software to support older adults and those with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) in their home environment. The Collaboratory is motivated by the need for a comprehensive pipeline from technology-based monitoring of older adults in the home, collection and processing monitoring data, integration of those data with clinical data from electronic health records, analysis with cutting-edge AI methods and software, and deployment of validated AI models at point of care for decision support. 


 A central focus of the PennAITech Collaboratory is to advance this vision through the solicitation, review, and funding of pilot grants focused on technology and AI development to advance the science of care management and aging in place for vulnerable older adults or those with AD/ADRD receiving skilled home and community-based services. Funded pilot projects will be supported through cores focused on administration, stakeholder engagement, technology identification and training, clinical translation and validation, networking, and ethical and policy issues

This project is funded by the National Institute on Aging Grant Nr. P30AG073105

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